THE HARLOT – an injust balance (weight)

A ‘Beautiful’ Lady for the eye (of man) to see, who let them astray … 

Intro: In the Netherlands there is a ‘Thing’ going on in politics that woman are betrayed, we must forget about man and woman but have to talk both tasteless and senseless in gender neutral terms … and: Police officers have their office in the Pub! More and more people get confused and as that is seen as ‘the’ problem politicians have considered to lock them up …

The studybook ‘Staatkunde, Nederland in drievoud’ tells us the outcome of a study (first print 1999) and mentions that fundamental problems are no longer solved (they even refer to the seventies). Fundamental or structural problems are not solved, and as it apperas their are little to none of the elected representatives in parliament and in the districts that take care of that.

Now, for all that happens it is easy to blame the whole world and it is their fault that I’ve become homeless, that I am confronted with debt problems and that I live in a tent (and yet there are no turf huts since 1961 because of a law that dates from 1901), but there is more: Around 1993 I made an important mistake as I considered that I had to be wrong since a multitude tells different. I was unlearned and void of understanding (in some areas). Through the years in my ‘visual identity’ as a technician, mechanic, fitter and installer I turned out to be an ‘excellent’ trouble shooter and discovered that a majority is often ‘blind to see’ due to the lack of insightful information that is invisible to the natural eye. I also learned that some where scared (to death) I would see (through) and they kept spreading around that I had no knowledge of it and that people should not listen to me. They had taken the advantage (of doubt) and considered that no one would/could hinder their plans. However I was not pleased with some of the results and the ‘signals’ made me [re]think and I considered my ‘ways’.

Before one committed suicide (2010) I’d already understood that I could loose everything when I would leave the path of ‘the evil man’ and those who are altogether unrighteous … * In 1893 Durkheim related system features to suicide and other behaviors and it is therefore important to gain an understanding of the kind of dynamics in social networks – which some abuse and misuse (for personal gain even unto filthy lucre)

When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul; Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee: To deliver thee from the way of the evil man, from the man that speaketh froward things; Who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness; Who rejoice to do evil, and delight in the frowardness of the wicked; – Proverbs 2: 10 – 14

King Saul was a man of that kind: ‘and they told Saul, and the thing pleased him.’ – 1 Samuel 18 (And what was behind ‘his poker face’ was revealed by his works and the fruit thereof). And therefore, I pay attention to ones works and the fruit of his works, more than to their words – what is the reason behind that, but also: What’s in the heart?

What kind of people are they? Can anything good come out of this? And therefore it is not without reason that I wrote a letter to King Willem-Alexander on October 16th 2015 about the condition of the State. Not only about the State, but also concerning Europe and the Common Wealth and in relation to the social policy the National and International Safety. In the Netherlands is the current that the King hands it over to a Ministry, and in this (first) case He handed it over to the Ministry for Security and Defense. Another letter went to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. Both erred in their ways: the second is taking the correction, but the first from bad to worse …

‘Lady Justice’ A Queen sitting on her Throne like a Harlot untro to her King … Her social status and her children – a disgrace!

‘Only A King or a Souverein who sees how the poverty [depreviation, want] arises [formation, conception] is able to bring it to an end’ – and is it therefore that they do not want Him at the formation when their [the harlot and her adulterers] plan is conceived? * This is not the first time in history of mankind

Sincerest, Lambert ~ The Sheepish (Looking) LION

Je Maintiendrai …


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