A ‘Beautiful’ Lady for the eye (of man) to see, who let them astray …

A woman creature Someonething walks into the police-office pub …

Officer Thing: Can I help you?

Some (pear shaped) Body: Some figure robbed me from my handbag.

Thing: Do you know if it was a man or a woman?

Some Body (with roundings): I thought we had only gender neutrals …

Thing: So, we must look for a gender neutral. Yes, we are impartial. Makes the job easier for us! Dp you have details of the skin-color?

Some Body (on stillettos): Honestly I do, but how can I describe it. It’s all a bit misty, blurr and grey …

Thing: So, the Figure we’re looking for has a shade of grey? Does it have a silver back?

Some (Equal) Body: I believe the coat was furry and brownish, but I can’t remember it had a silver back.

Thing: We are not looking for a Silver Back, but for a Chimp? That is not my Monkey Business …  My college will help you further.

Some (sexy) Body: Okay, thank you … Can’t say sir, can I?

Thing to his colleague: Please, can you take Some … this Weird (georgeous) Body to the psyq, seems to be confused …

If there is no sound discernment, then how can there be sound dealing … ?


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