‘Political’ Governance

The one motivation to talk about Governance (or political governance) is that there is a lot to say about how the system is malfunctioning. When I speak of ‘the system’I speak of a Democratic Constitutional State as we (supposedly) have in the Netherlands.

On the 1st of October 2015 I got unemployed and on the 16th I’d ┬ásend a letter to King Willem-Alexander about the neglected State -‘De Verwaarloosde Staat’.

The reason I put political between these two ‘ ‘ is that I rather wanna talk about teamprocesses than about all the excuses. The excuses why ‘adults’ don’t do the things they should do!
When I look for example to this word of advice “Train up the child in the way he should go” than as the adult (matured) you’ve got to set the example.

Perhaps a King should be an example to the Ministers and the People?

Let me know what you think,┬áThe Lamb …